Signing up for TF 64 to help you escort UGS-43 into the e an escort having SNF-twenty-four

Signing up for TF 64 to help you escort UGS-43 into the e an escort having SNF-twenty-four

Madison went toward dry dock from the Mers-el-Kebir toward cuatro Summer 1944. She then used training toward six Summer prior to moving forward in order to Arzew, Algeria. She next returned to Mers-el-Kebir the following day, eight Summer. The newest destroyer up coming isolated of one companion tasking so you’re able to escort brand new Uk destroyer HMS Aldenham (L.22) so you can Algiers into a dozen Summer. She upcoming managed to move on to help you Mers-el-Kebir, in which she remained up to 18 June. Each other escorts detached off UGS-44 and continued so you’re able to Oran into 21 June. Off 22 Summer so you can twenty five June, Madison, presented trials and you can studies practise following returned to Mers-el-Kebir. That have Livermore, new destroyer deployed towards twenty eight Summer to rendezvous with TF 66 so you’re able to companion UGS-forty five.

Madison isolated from TF 66 to your e big date so you’re able to TF 65 escorting GUS-forty five, an assignment one to lasted just one date given that she was isolated of TF 65 on 3 July to help you proceed to Mers-el-Kebir

She up coming got started that have Kearny (DD-432) escorting Sae big date Madison questioned save and you can received purchases in order to just do it so you’re able to Mers-el-Kebir. Once several days, she had started to own degaussing calibration on Arzew for the nine July. She moored on Arzew (10–11 July) and you may transferred to Oran with the twelve July to possess drydocking. She upcoming had underway having Niblack into the 14 July in order to monitor the fresh new escort provider Tulagi (CVE-72) through the airline procedures. She next reprised those things a day later, fifteen July, that have Kasaan Bay (CVE-69) prior to she gone back to Mers-el-Kebir. On the woman go back, Madison undergone an access having Vulcan (16-19 July), upcoming got started into 20 July to rendezvous having TF 61 so you’re able to escort UGS-47. She isolated about task force into 22 July to return in order to Mers-el-Kebir, in which she turned up with the 24 July prior to she got started having Nields (DD-616), on the way to help you Malta to possess obligations that have Frontrunner, TF 86.

Madison come to Valetta, Malta, to the twenty six July 1944 and you will moored around out of 27-29 July. She got underway having Nields to display Philadelphia during the a training away from Gozo Isle, Malta, for the 31 July. The destroyers proceeded studies off the Maltese shore toward 31 July in advance of anchoring in the Marsalokk Anchorage, Malta, later in the day. She after that got started that have Philadelphia into 1 August, likely for Palermo, coming in for the 2 August and you can left truth be told there up until six August, whenever she moved on so you’re able to Salerno Bay regarding Castellabate, Italy, and you will claimed for responsibility to help you Leader, TG 86.step three. After you to definitely go out, the destroyer escorted an assault force to own an amphibious do so when you look at the the new Gulf coast of florida from Gaeta in preparation for Operation Dragoon, the new attack off southern France. The next day, 8 August, she went on to afford landing exercise prior to back into Naples where she stayed up until was Bay, Italy. On thirteen August, Madison had underway when you look at the team that have destroyers Baldwin (DD-624) and you will Carmick (DD-493) additionally the companion vessels Haines (DE-792) and you will Marsh (DE-699), likely into Violence Area in which she reach daybreak towards the 15 August. Once this lady arrival, Madison detached and you may took up a patrolling channel when you look at the a keen anti-submarine screen.

And Livermore, Madison got underway on the 19 June 1944 in order to rendezvous that have TF 65 escorting UGS-forty two

Five days after, towards the 20 August 1944, she was that have TG 86.step three, evaluating Omaha (CL-4) and you can Vegas (BB-36) because latter shelled purpose from the Toulon urban area. She gone back to the newest fire help town away from Cape Sicie, France, 24 hours later, 21 August. On the twenty seven August she inserted TF 86 regarding Marseilles harbor and you will endured from the as a flame support watercraft to possess minesweepers against coastline electric batteries. One mid-day she opened up with a-two-hour onslaught one silenced the fresh new weapon emplacements on Cape Croisette. The following mid-day whenever you are support minesweepers about Bay away from Marseilles, a boat results 9 German armed forces group appeared near to waving a great light flag and you will requested to come up to speed to go over stop trying terminology for about 850 boys stationed with the Isle d’ If, Island de- Ratonneau, and the Isle de Pomeques. It acknowledged the terms of unconditional give up made available to her or him inside the name regarding Naval Leader, Western Task Forces. With the 29 August, Madison stood because of the about Bay out of Marseilles while infantry getting pastime embarked 881 prisoners. If landing passion departed, the fresh new destroyer used her patrol south away from Marseilles.

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